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Forklift Steer Axles

Remanufactured Steer Axles – Quality Guaranteed!

We offer a wide selection of domestic and import forklifts models in stock for same day shipping. The parts are fully inspected and have the highest manufacturing standards. All parts come with ACME Forklift’s six month warranty.

High Quality Forklift Parts

  1. Each unit is fully disassembled totally cleaned in a hot tank, site and high pressure washed.

  2. The basic unit is straightened to specifications on our specially designed equipment.

  3. The king pin holes are line-bored, inserts are fully welded in and the welds ground smooth to bring the unit back to tolerance.

  4. All tie rods and spindles are renewed or replaced to meet O.E.M. specifications.

  5. All new bushings, shims, seals, center pins, bearings, tie rod ends and king pins are installed.

  6. After assembly, all units are closely inspected, fully tested and painted.

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