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Complete Range of Forklift Tires You May Choose From

Are you in need of the best forklift tires that can offer easiness and convenience in your life? Well worry no more as there are wide array of forklift tires that you may choose from. These types of forklift tires vary when it comes to its sizes and the essential function it offers. Here are some of the forklift tires you need to be aware of and these are as follows:


This is probably one of the finest kinds of forklift tires that has superior grade of rubber with resistant additives. This also features long tread wear, troche durable construction and high stability that reduces chunking and cuts even in the most severe and complex operating conditions. This is the reason why universal forklift tires are considered to be super solid and ideal choose for forklift tires. This is used with electrical forklift trucks and even internal combustion of engine trucks.

Granite Chip & Walnut Shell

Both of these forklift tires offers highly improved traction on frozen, medicine slick and wet surfaces. These tires have firm grips that reduce the danger of accidents and injury to material and personnel who are using this tire.

Oil Resistant

This is a kind of tire primarily designed to extend the life of the tire where the oily surfaces are most prevalent. It even offers excellent resistance to unexpected deterioration caused by several petroleum products.

Fiber Glass

This kind of forklift tires minimizes the building up of heat under heavy loads while decreasing the power drain on the electric forklift truck. This also increases the capacity of carrying items and resists chipping and chunking.


This is another essential kind of forklift tires that run cooler with heavier loads at its higher speed. This is primarily tested by commercial laboratory which revealed that this tire has its super electric lower rolling pressure that is best for your vehicle. Since it is electric, you may enjoy saving huge amount of energy as it has extended battery life.


This tie is a non marking and long wearing tire with spectacular resistance to cutting, chunking, chemicals or abrasions. One of its principal features upholds carrying heavier loads of items at short distances.

Static Conducting

This is a tire that offers improved protection to explosion and even fire in some volatile areas. It also dissipates static electricity sparking and build-up.

Wire Fiber

This is impregnated with the best brass wire that enhances traction and resistance to chunking and cutting. This wire fiber extends the life of the tire in metal processing and other applications. It even improves the traction of the tire even at wet floor conditions.

What Makes Forklift Tires Essential?

There are several features why you need to choose forklift tires over the others and these are as follows:

  • Engineered for durability and safety.
  • Heavy duty construction and design.
  • These are primarily designed for use with solid and pneumatic tires.
  • This can be used either for custom made or standardized wheels.

With the spectacular features that forklift tires upholds, it is not surprising to know that more and more people are really interested to have any of these forklift tires in their forklift system. If you are interested to some forklift tires that is best for your vehicle brand, don’t miss the chance to visit www.acmeforklifts.com. They are going to give you quick glimpse with regards to forklift tires.