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Forklift Forks

The forklift is one of the many widely-used types of machinery in production projects construction sites factories as well as warehouses. Generally, about it it is used in lifting heavy goods and wares used in projects that require lifting heavy goods. Forklifts are very useful as it is very versatile with its different attachments and accessories the job easier.

One of its many attachments includes the forklift forks which are also engineered in a way that can be easily attached to the machine. The attachments which are especially designed for forklifts are designed to add up extra functions that enable the use of forklift to offer faster and efficient work.

The main function of forklift forks is to clutch the pallets when it is moved. It is also used when additional length is needed, pill especially when there is a need to lift larger and bulkier loads. Generally, sildenafil forks are about five or six feet and are made of high grade steel so that they are able to handle heavy loads.

As such, it is important that you choose a forklift fork that is made of high quality steel. This extension is used for heavy tasks so it has to be sturdy and is able to effectively handle heavy loads. In that case, ACME forklifts offer you with wide range of stocks of all types of forklift forks designed to offer you convenience in your work.

Find the right fork for your specific needs

ACME can provide you with forklift forks such as full http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com taper, standard taper, 13 full taper, chisel and polished point forks and polished sizes. The forklift forks provided by ACNE are all carefully inspected by means of magnetic particle, sonic testing or dye pentrant in order to ensure they are able to not only meet but exceed this industry’s high standards.

What’s more, they are precision made and heat treated that comes with upset forged heel. Forklift forks can also come in fully forged heel so as to offer you with extra strength for heavy load lifting. The chemistry by which these forks are made is formulated in a way that will provide a level of high strength and at the same time displays toughness and hardness throughout the cross section.

Top Quality Materials & High Standard Steel

ACME’s forklift forks have all been made from high standard steel and top quality manufacturing processes ensuring their quality. These are all done for the benefit of every costumer of ACME who expects nothing less from ACME’s forklift products and extensions. What’s more, products by ACME are all made by expect builders and welders in the industry.

These people know exactly what to do to ensure the quality to which their forks and other products are. They are products that are made quality, of good standard and safe to allow workers have a fast and efficient work done. ACME’s forklift forks are shipped on the same day, with the shaft mount and specialty forks you can expect to be shipped in less than 10 days and with pin and clip kits ready to be shipped as well.